GAALS: Girls Athletics And Life Skills℠

Sometimes I have a love / hate relationship with being a woman. More specifically, being the epicenter of my family. While there are many aspects of taking care of my daughters (and all that goes along with it) and taking care of my home, there’s no denying that along with these major responsibilities comes emotional pain and stress.  When I find it most challenging, I do my best to put things in perspective and be grateful for what I have (the list is fortunately too long to include). I try to focus on how fulfilled I feel being a mother and wife. But there is simply no way (and no good reason) not to allow myself to feel the negative emotions that sometimes accompany me on this rollercoaster ride.  I feel so fortunate to have a sisterhood of women – a mom support system, filled with empathetic and nurturing like-minded women. They are my go-to’s who fill my emotional gaps.  I cast a wide net, just like we do at GAALS.

When I am facilitating GAALS programs, I marvel at how open and honest the girls are in sharing their personal experiences, and expressing their most intimate thoughts and feelings. They allow themselves to be vulnerable and in the process, learn that others can relate – boosting their self-esteem. Perhaps equally as important is that the girls gain valuable strategies and insights from one another. 

So what can we learn from our daughters? Connecting with peers on a deeper level can make a powerful, positive impact on our lives. The girls, their parents (teachers and therapists also), share stories about how this rare opportunity has increased confidence, prompting the girls to try new things, challenge themselves, participate in activities and conversations they never had before. Overall, they are happier and more comfortable in their own skin through this one simple thing – connecting with others by engaging in meaningful conversations.  

If this is how the GAALS approach affects young girls, imagine what it can do for us as moms! 

There are two comments I have heard countless times…

  • I wish I had GAALS when I was a child.
  • We need GAALS for moms.

Yet I have waited until now to kick-off the Moms Support Group Meetup (challenge: come up with a better more empowering name!) 

Join other like-minded women as we delve deep and lift up and support one another – giving and getting our emotional needs met.  We will all Be the Bra – as we inspire, motivate and stimulate one another to create a harmonious family environment in order for our children to thrive- and to thrive ourselves. 

Don’t miss the beautiful healing and nourishment that comes from this powerful, restorative shared experience, this Wednesday, kicking off at the Port Salt Cave.

P.S. I know that many of us are lucky to have strong relationships with our families so looking outside that structure doesn’t seem necessary. But research shows that friendships have a bigger impact on our physical and psychological health than relationships with our own families.

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