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 >> Struggle to juggle parenting your daughter with all of your other responsibilities?    

>> Believe that no one understands the parenting challenges you face because everyone else’s daughters are easier?     

>> Strive to accept your daughter as she is without wishing she was different?   

>> Contemplate how to support your daughter when girls aren’t being nice or are excluding her?  

>> Get frustrated that your daughter doesn’t truly hear what you say and believes you don’t understand her?   

You are not alone. As the mother of two teenage daughters, I experience these emotions and face these same challenges. 

Being a parent is hard. And mothering a daughter brings with it even more challenges. There’s no easy path. No perfect way to parent. No one size fits all solution. Yet, there are plenty of “experts” telling you what to do and not to do. And plenty of articles with quick fixes to your specific problem at that moment. But you don’t need to overhaul your parenting style to build a strong foundation for your daughter.

I believe that by making small shifts in how you parent you can nurture the development of your daughter’s social, emotional and life skills, empowering her to become a kind, confident and highly capable woman.

A new perspective can renew your sense of competence. 

A simple change in the words you use to respond to your daughter can be the difference between your daughter walking away feeling good about herself and feeling bad. 

Whether or not you have a lot of time, you can still be the mom you want to be, and the one your daughter needs you to be. 


“This is so needed! I love how you think and your approach to parenting. You are such a breath of fresh air.”   

– Lauren

“When I read some of the parenting stories you share, I feel like you are talking about me. It makes me feel better to know others are going through the same things.”          

– Debbie

“I always felt guilty about treating my daughters differently. But each time you say that every child is unique and has their own needs, I stop being so hard on myself (at least until the next time you say it). Thank you for the constant reminder that there’s no one size fits all solution to parenting your children.” 

– Karen

“I love all of the great tips you provide. They’re so real and doable! I’ve already been successful using your approach to help my daughter express herself. Thank you.”

– Lisa

“I’ve been hesitant to give my kids more responsibilities. But after learning why it’s so important to help them become independent and how to do it gradually, I say, GAME ON! Plus, your note about how it frees up time for me sealed the deal!”

– Jennifer

Close your eyes for a minute and imagine 

 >> Communicating in a manner where you and your daughter both feel heard, and understood.

 >>  Allowing your daughter to express all emotions, and accepting how she manages them. 

 >> Watching your daughter navigate her friendships without drama. 

 >> Having faith in your daughter’s ability to stand back up after she falls. 

 >> Feeling confident that you are giving your daughter the tools to live a healthy, productive life.   

You don’t need a Ph.D. in parenting to turn these thoughts into reality. Nor do you have to overhaul your parenting style. Everything you need is within you and I’ll be here to guide and support you. 

Join the GAALS community to gain insights and strategies to confidently foster your daughter’s well-being, empowering her with the mindset and skills to lead a healthy, productive and enjoyable life.  

You’ll feel welcome in this sacred space where like-minded moms come to feel connected and validated through shared experiences and empathy. 

Each week(ish), you’ll get emails with parenting tips, stories, and encouragement, along with valuable resources and other goodies! 


Hi!  I’m Dawn.  (PHOTO)  

I am a lover of learning, writer and educator, and am passionate about empowering girls for life. Here’s what sparked my journey.

When I became a mother, it was vital that my two daughters did not follow in my footsteps. Why? You might ask. As a child, I was the chubby, uncoordinated girl who never played sports and lived in fear of embarrassing myself.  

My husband and I believed team sports would protect our daughters from the insecurities I’d carried into adulthood. But regardless of the program, our girls dreaded going and often refused to participate. I was desperate to understand their reluctance.   

One day when watching my daughter’s class, I noticed she wasn’t going near the basketball. I asked if she was afraid of the ball. “No, Mommy, I’m afraid if I take the ball from someone, they’ll be mad at me,” she answered.  A-ha! YES! My daughters were worried about their friendships and how their actions would be perceived by others. This is precisely what I had subconsciously experienced, but hadn’t connected the dots until that moment.  

Armed with this realization, I sought physically active programs that took into account girls’ social and emotional development, but came up empty-handed. I realized it was up to me, as their mom, to cultivate these essential skills; I needed to teach my daughters to explore and express their emotions.  

If you want to hear more about how I did that click here. Or want to learn how that led to the creation of GAALS, click here.“To read the full story of how I did that, and how it led to the creation of GAALS, click here”

By gaining strategies from educators and doctors, and insights from working with thousands of girls, I figured out what to shift in my parenting and how. I want to pass this onto you, along with guidance and support, so we can raise a future generation of strong, confident women who are ready to take on the world!

Want to jumpstart the process? Here are 8 proven tips on raising a beautiful, confident daughter who loves herself. sign up here

Maybe You’ve Seen My Passion for Empowering Girls 

I was featured on a report by Stacey Sager on ABC7NY, speaking about how technology affects your kids and what you can do to help, How to put your kids on a screen time diet. (logo)

I spoke with Michael Watt on “Mr. Long Island’s Search for Truth & Beauty,” on the Daily Blu, about why I built GAALS, the importance of cultivating confidence in girls of all ages. (logo)


In Hayley Foster’s podcast, Foster Your Passion, I shared the importance of empowering girls for life.  (logo)


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