GAALS: Girls Athletics And Life Skills℠

Team Building + Leadership

GAALS & PAALS workshops aim to provide any kind of group (team, friend group, board, etc) with the strategies needed to be effective communicators and leaders, so each member can thrive as part of the team.  We work closely with you to ensure that our physical activities and games, which are designed to spark relevant conversations, deliver on the goals you’ve set for the workshop.

Our workshops are a great way to kick off the school year or season on the right foot. The following are a list of topics that we typically cover:

  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Trust
  • Respect
  • Focus
  • Commitment & Persistence
  • Trying New Things
  • Sportsmanship (sports teams)
  • Competition (sports teams)
  • Self-Esteem & Confidence
  • Stress, Anxiety & Pressure

It’s not easy being a girl these days– especially given most preteens and teens are on social media, where they see what others are doing, wearing and saying, and others are seeing the same from them.   GAALS feels it’s important to give girls a forum to talk about their challenges, which serves as a powerful tool in helping each girl realize she is not alone. In our workshop, Between You & Me, we discuss effective ways of communicating (in person or on screens), strategies to navigate technology and minimize girl drama, as well as discuss how to deal with  resolve issues and practice resilience.  Prior to the workshop, we also spend time discussing specifics that may need to be addressed, including: 

  • Being Inclusive
  • Peer Pressure
  • Managing difficult personality traits like bossiness, bragging
  • Communicating via phone/social media (if applicable)
  • Conflict Resolution

We then customize the workshop to meet your needs and to empower the group.

The most successful, proactive boards speak as one. However, working together to achieve a common goal can be challenging. Whether people don’t see eye-to-eye on big issues like the overall direction  of the business or day-to-day operations, or they can’t find common ground on less important issues, like where to hold the next fundraiser, most boards can benefit greatly from a team building experience. Providing boards with the opportunity to take a step back and develop a rapport with one another, find similarities, and come out of their comfort zones. can be a game changer.   GAALS & PAALS successfully enables these experiences, by integrating fun, active games designed to spark meaningful conversations.  Participants typically walk away with a stronger bond to both the other board members and their cause, which in turn motivates them to move forward together in an efficient and effective manner.

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