GAALS: Girls Athletics And Life Skills℠

Our Mission & Approach

GAALS + PAALS enhance well-being through a holistic approach that uses active games to spark collaborative conversations in order to build character, confidence and life skills.

By providing children with a rare opportunity to reflect on their experience and explore and express their emotions – in context – they are able to connect with themselves, and their peers on a deeper level.

Through these meaningful interactions, children not only gain valuable insights and the strategies to effectively navigate their lives, they have the powerful realization that others share similar thoughts and feelings. Knowing they are not alone boosts their confidence, and gives them the courage to try new things, face challenges and solve problems.

This opportunity for personal exploration and self-expression, helps children develop a realistic view of themselves and a greater sense of self-worth, which combined with the critical skills gained through this unique approach, empowers them to lead healthy, productive and enjoyable lives.

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