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Laurie G.
Laurie G.
2017-11-02 07:41:09
My girls, seven and five, love the "GAALS club" - they ask to go every time they are off from school! I feel great knowing that they are going to be...

We’ve empowered over 8,000 children in just six short years, and just about 1200 educators and parents. 

Children and their parents share their personal stories, experiences and accomplishments that they attribute to their participation in our programs.

What we hear most our moms, coaches, interns…”I wish there was a program like this when I was growing up!”

I don’t know of any other program that teaches children how to shake hands.
Melissa, Mom of a GAALSter
My daughter is painfully shy, but GAALS has brought her out of her shell.
Jen, Mom of a GAALSter
Port Washington
My husband is thrilled that his little girl can now throw a ball properly.
Stacy, Mom of a GAALSter
Great Neck
On a scale from 1 to 10, I rate GAALS a million!
Lola, Happy GAALSster
Port Washington
After a few classes, my daughter now has the confidence to separate from me at other activities and parties.
Karen, Mom of a GAALSter
Because of GAALS, my daughter finally had the courage and confidence to try out for the soccer team.
Jennifer, Mom of a GAALSter
Since GAALS, instead of breaking down when she doesn’t succeed, my daughter is determined to persevere.
Stacy, Mom of a GAALSter
Sea Cliff
Thanks to GAALS, my daughter finally found her voice and is comfortable advocating for herself.
Lauren, Mom of a GAALSter
My daughter has gained more confidence – at home, at school and on her basketball team thanks to GAALS.
Rachel, Mom of a GAALSter
My daughter never felt comfortable sharing her feelings with others. At GAALS, she shares and listens to others.
Kathy, Mom of a GAALSter
Forest Hills
I never thought interning at GAALS would also empower me. It taught me so many important skills that I use every day.
High School Intern
GAALS is able to reinforce the important qualities our family values. It has made such a positive impact on my daughter.
Danielle, Mom of a GAALSter
East Northport
I love that my daughter is learning life skills through physical activity. She now hula hoops and jump ropes instead of spending time on a screen.
Kristen, Mom of a GAALSter
Garden City
I hear my daughter saying positive things like, “Don’t give up. You can do it. When I asked her where she learned it, she said GAALS.
Michelle, Mom of a GAALSter
Sands Point
GAALS focused on managing friendships and included how to communicate through role-playing. Spot on!
Troop #1254
Garden City, 5th grade
Since GAALS, I’ve even seen positive changes in the way my daughter interacts with friends and family.
Nancy, Mom of a GAALSter
My friends and family have noticed that my daughter now makes strong eye contact. Thank you for working on this important skill.
Nicole, Mom of a GAALSter
Glen Head

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