• We understand that things come up that will prevent you from attending our program that you signed up for (tests, sickness, homework, etc). We kindly request that you let us know via text (email or phone) when you first become aware that you will miss our program (although we recognize that sometimes it may be last minute). Please be sure to have our emails / phone numbers physically with you (not just in your phone which can die and then you don’t have our info)

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  • Set the Tone and Lead By Example: When you’re with us, you are a role model. Imagine that you are on stage. Everything you see and do is being watched. From your attitude to your body language. From what you wear and how you style your hair, to what you say and how you say it. This is a big responsibility and we need for your to take it seriously - while having fun. Here are the guidelines.

    • Dress Respectfully. Wear athletic clothing and sneakers. No half shirts or low cut shirts. No bare midriff or extreme lower back showing when you bend over.
    • No phone usage. You’ll be given time to make a call or check texts, etc. If you need to do so outside of the allotted times, please ask first.
    • Watch what you say. talk to other coaches about your personal or professional life in front of the children. Do not talk about a child to a coach in front of the children.
    • Be proactive and anticipate how you can help.
    • Be positive and have a good attitude. (Leave the outside world outside and don’t let the children see or sense any negative emotions you may have toward them.)
    • Create strong relationships between yourself and the girls. Whether in a group setting or when the girls are off on their own, get personal by sharing your feelings and experiences (ie: I never liked throwing and always found it difficult, but someone showed me this technique and now it’s easier for me). This helps create an environment that alleviates anxiety or negative feelings the girls may have about physical activity and/or themselves. It also builds them up and enables the girls to relate to you. Also encourage the children to express themselves.
    • Set goals for yourself. It could be to take on a bigger role in the lesson (just ask!). It could be to give more feedback to the girls. Giving yourself goals sets yourself up as a better role model and also keeps you working hard.

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  • We would love for you to include GAALS & PAALS as part of your work experience on your resume. In order to do so and/or receive recommendation letter you must attend at least 8 programs within a school year.

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  • As a leader at GAALS & PAALS, I acknowledge and agree that I have been examined by a physician within the past year, is in good health and able to participate in physical activities.

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  • I understand that there is a risk of injury associated with participation in physical activities. The instructional programs/activities at GAALS & PAALS may result in injury including but not limited to: abrasions, cuts, strains, fractures, other. These may be caused by accidents, forces of nature, foreseeable or unforeseeable causes including negligence of the participant or others. As parent or guardian, I hereby assume all risks and responsibility for any losses and/or damages that may occur during our voluntary participation in GAALS & PAALS programs/activities and/or use of equipment.

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  • I hereby give permission to persons assigned by GAALS & PAALS to take video and/or photographs of my participation as a leader during GAALS & PAALS classes. Materials will be used for GAALS & PAALS program development, analysis, instruction, learning and promotion. Rights of compensation or ownership thereto will be waived. All film and photographs will be owned and maintained only by GAALS & PAALS.

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