Get Creative-It Goes Beyond Fun. Join Household Item Creative Game Challenge

(2-minute read) Self-expression plays a key role in a child’s emotional development. Creative and artistic expression can be especially beneficial for children who don’t know how to express themselves or are uncomfortable doing soIt helps children learn new things (without the pressure of learning), and enables them to apply it to everyday life.  It’s for these reasons that Art Therapy was developed.

Creativity is actually an extremely valuable skill that prepares children to engage with an ever-changing, complex, and unpredictable world by allowing them to:

  • See things from new and unique perspectives
  • Express themselves
  • Focus, be mindful, and live in the moment
  • Embrace their authenticity / willingness to be original
  • Use problem-solving skills to devise unique, practical solutions to complex problems
  • Be resilient (in the creative process things don’t always work out as planned. So failing before achieving success, adjusting the plan or redefining success is necessary.)

Based on the potential to develop critical life skills through creativity, it is essential for parents and teachers to encourage it on a regular basis. The good news is that it can easily be integrated into children’s daily life without the use of special tools.  

This Winter Break why not strengthen the bond you have with your children, as well as your creative abilities by inventing your own fun games. Better yet, why not engage your imagination and use common things you already own. We’ll kick things off with 5 Creative Games Using Household Items. But we’d really love for you to join the Household Item Creative Game Challenge.  Invent your own games. Then share them with our community by posting them on our Facebook or Instagram page.  We’ll ask some of our GAALSters to choose their top three faves. If your idea is selected, your child will receive a special gift from GAALS & PAALS.

5 Creative Games Using Household Items

Foil Sculpting

Use aluminum foil to create animals. Make a plan of how you can create your animal. Do you need to tear into multiple pieces? Or do you need to make some slits? Fold it or scrunch it? Remember once you scrunch the foil into a ball, it may not be easy to undo. When finished, show and discuss the process.

Sock Dunks

Grab some rolled up socks and a bucket and visualize a real basketball and hoop. Toss the socks into the bucket. Sit on your knees or stand up.  Keep moving the bucket to challenge yourself. Want an even greater challenge, try dunking the socks using only your feet (it’s a great activity to strengthen the core!)

Nose Dive

Put a dab of petroleum jelly on your nose and a piece of cotton in front of you. Then put your hands behind your back since you can’t use them. Lower your head to the cotton until it sticks to your nose. Sit criss-cross and lean the cup against your legs to stabilize it. Then, try to get it off your nose by ‘scraping’ the cotton ball on the edge of the cup and/or shaking your head.

Sticky Face

Using sticky notes, try to cover the another person’s face or body. The goal is to get as many as possible to stick. Switch. Challenge: write or draw on each one something about the person.

Paper Bag Skits

Each grab random items from around the house, such as a fork, toy, jewelry, a sock, a ribbon, a pen, etc and throw them in a paper bag. Fish out a few and then use your creativity and imagination to come up with a story connecting the items.

We hope you have fun engaging your imagination and creativity. We are confident that you’ll enjoy the process, while strengthening the bond between you and your child. And overall, we know that you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment and pride. Win-win-win!




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