Should your kid have a cellphone in school

I totally get that there are two sides to most issues – but I really don’t understand the up side of allowing kids to have/use their cellphones in school. If we already know that screen-time addiction is a problem, why would we feed into that by allowing phones in a place where the primary goal is for children is to learn? By permitting this, we are condoning the very values we want to teach – like focus and respect (and ADD/ADHD is already a major issue for many many students).

The numbers say it all:

75 percent of teachers reported that the attention spans of students have decreased. In another study, students regularly interrupted by text messages had test scores that were 10.6 percent lower.

56 percent of middle schools allow students to carry phones on them all day, yet 82 percent of parents don’t want their kids using phones there.

Something just doesn’t add up here – why isn’t the US banning cellphone usage in schools like they do in France?

Where do you come down on the subject?


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