JUUL and the vape debate

Okay, so unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard about kids vaping. And if you have a teen or older child, you might have heard other words like juuling or carty.

It’s definitely not easy to keep up and understand exactly what is inside this small and easy to hide vape pen, aka an electronic or e-cigarette.

It could be one of three things:
– simple flavored oil (no harm done but not really the craze) – nicotine oil (brand is Juul, thus calling it by that name)
– marijuana (nicknamed carty short for cartridge – which plugs into the pen)
After speaking with dozens of teens and young adults, it seems that most of the time the word “vaping” is used, they are referencing using nicotine or Juul.

Did you know that one small liquid pod contains as much nicotine as 20 cigarettes.

Did you know that Juul – which the manufacturer claims is not targeting children, comes in these flavors:
– gummy bears
– s’mores
– skittles
– cotton candy
– fruit loops
– sweet tarts
– Hawaiian punch
– banana splits
And yup, the packaging looks like candy.

For the first time JUUL Labs speaks on camera about the ongoing teen vaping epidemic. Check it out and speak to your children about the dangers of this product.


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