Do You Find Yourself Apologizing Unnecessarily? Learn How to Identify Sorry Worthy Situations & Effective Ways to Approach Those that Aren’t.

Take 5-minutes to get the tools you need to stop saying I’m sorry unnecessarily and start modeling for your daughter empowering and respectful ways to communicate. I never considered myself one of those people who apologizes for everything. You know the type. The ones who seem to sugar coat everything. The ones that wilt easily and/or don’t […]

What’s Holding Your Daughter Back from Being an Effective Leader?

(2-minute read) Are leaders born or made? What do you believe? Regardless of how you answered, you’re right! Some people come into this world with an innate desire to inspire and encourage those around them. But, if we aren’t born a leader, that doesn’t mean we have no shot at becoming one. What it means is […]


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