Classes and workshops for girls with a simple mission -

To enhance physical, emotional & social well-being
through physical activity

GAALS teaches girls the fundamental physical skills used in a variety of traditional and non-traditional sports, and the life skills used every day through discussions about how the valuable tools and skills learned can be applied in their daily experiences.

By integrating activities that highlight the importance of respect, communication, teamwork and problem-solving, GAALS facilitates the development of relationships on and off the field, creating a comfortable, supportive and fun environment that helps each girl form a positive relationship with sports and boosts their self-esteem. 

GAALS was designed by mothers of girls, along with experts in Psychology, Education, Pediatrics, Athletic Counseling, Exercise Science & Sports Management, and is led by female athletes with Master’s Degrees in related fields.

Playing Sports Enhances Girls' Physical, Mental & Emotional Health

Girls who participate in
sports & physical activities have:

• Greater confidence
• Higher levels of self-esteem
• A more positive body image
• More pride in their physical and
social selves
• Reduced symptoms of stress and depression
• A greater chance for success in life,
both in education and in employment

Girls Love a Mix of Activity & Spirit

Physical Skills include: throwing, running, kicking, catching, hitting, jumping rope, hula hooping, dancing and more

Life Skills include: teamwork, communication, leadership, focus, trying new things, and more

Upcoming Events on Election Day


Fall Session

Classes in Port Washington and Syosset. Sign up today. Select locations offering FREE TRIALS this month.

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Team Building, Girl Scout & Friendship Workshops

Create your own session with your team/group/troop with 6 or more girls.

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Mother / Daughter events on Election Day and Veteran's Day.  Special Middle School Events too. 
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Plan a GAALS party that makes the girls feel good physically and emotionally while having fun. Choose from a variety of activities: hula hooping, jumping rope, balance, dance, fitness, etc and life skills: trying new things, confidence, teamwork, communication, etc.

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