Classes & Events to empower girls physically, emotionally & socially through physical activity

GAALS teaches girls the fundamental physical skills used in a variety of traditional and non-traditional sports, along with how the valuable life skills learned in athletics can be used to navigate everyday experiences on and off the field.

Each class pairs one physical skill with one life skill, while integrating activities and discussions that reinforce the importance of communication, teamwork, and problem solving.  By encouraging the girls to express themselves, GAALS creates a comfortable, supportive and fun atmosphere that helps them forge positive relationships with each other, while sparking a desire to be physically active.

This unique approach lays the foundation for girls to build the character, self-esteem, and confidence needed to lead successful lives.

GAALS was designed by mothers of girls, along with experts in Psychology, Pediatrics, Education, Exercise Science, Athletic Counseling and Sports Management and is led by female athletes with Master’s Degrees in related fields.

Playing Sports Enhances Girls' Physical, Mental & Emotional Health

Girls who participate in
sports & physical activities have:

• More confidence physically & socially
• Higher self-esteem & a more positive body image
• A more mature approach to intimate relationships
• Reduced symptoms of anxiety, stress & depression
• Greater academic achievement, attitude & behavior
• Less substance abuse
• A decreased risk of cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, dementia, heart disease & high cholesterol

Girls Love a Mix of Activity & Spirit

Physical Skills include: throwing, kicking, catching,  jumping rope, hula hooping, dancing, pilates, balancing, circus skills, running, chasing, fleeing & dodging, speed & agility,​ aiming for target, hitting with a racket and paddle, volleyball, basketball, lacrosse, field hockey, hand-eye
c​oordination and more

Life Skills include: teamwork, communication, leadership, focus, trying new things, respect, competition, sportsmanship, setting goals, trust and more

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Girl Scouts, Team Building & Friendship Workshops

Is your daughter having trouble communicating? Listening?  Is she uncomfortable being a leader or working in a group?  Give her a little extra help - just gather 6 or more girls and choose your own event..

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Plan a GAALS party that makes the girls feel good physically and emotionally while having fun. Choose one of our 90-minute Signature GAALS Rockouts where girls create their own party favor (ie: hula hoop, jump rope) and then use it spin, jump and jive. Or select one of our unique 60 minute parties!

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